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Do what you have to

There is one way - forward

The only opponent - you yourself

There is no limit to perfection

Beautiful women can be all

Movement in each breath

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Golden Quotations Inessa

  • Boobs are like shoes, good as they are, but there is no place to wear them

  • Life would be easier without people giving empty promises

  • The man - not drinking, not smoking, not giving anything

  • We are after wins and not prizes

  • Meaning of life should be in every step, otherwise it is meaningless life

  • And feelings also need to grow

  • Rally car is just a tool in your hands, nothing more

  • If in the night while dropping on the pan you cry "what the fuck?!?" it means there is a man now in your house

  • You shout work out not your body but the spirit

  • Nowadays the man is just the one who had balls, nothing more

  • And you are cool when I'm drunk

  • Someone is saying that will do, someone is promising, and some is just doing

  • And my life is not a ferry tale, it's hell

  • The dry place is where is no desire

  • The love is when you never turn back on your principles no matter what

  • Feelings do not need time. They either exist or not, the rest is bullshit

  • A car should the same as a woman - reliable

  • You need to be special inside, only spiritual and soulful matters, but not things

  • While killing we die ourselves

  • To treat men like own children

  • Love and understanding are always standing in one line

  • It is only we and only we who controls your body, your mind and spirit, not vice versa

  • Path to the dream sometimes deceives mind and shutters the obvious

  • Your words are echoing in my head tearing the soul apart

  • Crying soul, crying for help!!! Calling somebody, but only you can hear it

  • Man can at any time clear his life from anything. Absolutely from anything

  • Lucky is the one who aspires

  • It does not matter what has happened. Matters what will happen

  • There is nothing more permanent than temporarily

  • Now together it's today together, tomorrow - in different places

About me

I am a girl with an uncommon occupation – racer. It is mostly an altruism, but there is no my fault in it. I hope that someday our countries would value auto sport at least as a hockey, if not as a football. And now I am doing my favorite business and want to make a progress in it.

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