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I was born on 17th July 1987 in Ukraine in the city Verkhnedneprovsk.

The first work, which I did independently, was holding of an animal-fancier club and organization of the first animal exhibition in my home town, mobilization of sponsors and the first fees.

In 1997 I moved to Dnepropetrovsk, where learned in a private school of tourism area.

In 1999 we moved to Kiev with my family. I stopped my commercial work for a short while. Besides my learning I was fond of orienteering and learned for a translator guide in a lyceum.

That time I had a little nursery of pedigree cats, and I had a little profit from that. I was selling kittens, leasing a cat for pairing – that gave me an opportunity to engage in equestrian sport! That was another period of my life. We had some family problems and that made me to be transferred to an ordinary school. As a result, I had to finish it as an external student, on my own.

I could enter a university only the next year after finishing my school. I entered an Inter-regional Academy of personnel management in Kiev, where acquired a profession of a practical psychologist (I have finished the Academy successfully and got a diploma).

A year later I started to work in a stable as an instructor. I also participated in competitions and evolved to a master of sports candidate. In the age of 14 I was simultaneously involved in a fashion business. In 2007 my horse died and that was a finish of equestrian sport in my life. Although I had perspectives in “Dynamo’s” Olympian reserve in Kiev, that was a finish.

At the age of 17 I got a contract in a modeling agency in Japan and went there for 3 months – that was a start of a motor era in my life. Since my childhood I was fond of cars, I was crazy about them. Love with motorbikes started even earlier – when I was on bike-post fashion shooting in the Crimea, I had an opportunity to see the sport motorbike, and that was love from the first site. In Japan that passion increased even more! When I went back to Ukraine, I got enthusiastic over the idea of buying my first motorcycle. A chance acquaintance also affected it and led me to “Chaika” in the company SP-MOTO, where I started my first motor-driving lessons on Yava.

Later I bought a jigster and started training on it, also became embedded in the rally world participating in amateur races with my first car Daewoo Sense. My friend Tatiana Chaban was a navigator. From amateur motor rides I went to more professional ring races in Europe, supporting the “Motorace” team, and changed my Daewoo Sense to Subaru, which was bought on credit. It was fated that I was invited by Andrey Aleksandrov to be in a navigator’s chair of Ukraine Championship’s group N.

With I. German my season finished without any result. The wish to be a rally racer existed every minute, that made me buy my first race car. There were not so much variants of sell and service, so I chose a blue Subaru STI 2004 year release. It was a car of N group, the former car of Irina Protasova. And my rally racer career started.

The first race was in Kamyanec-Podolsky. I finished the season badly and understood that the changes are needed badly. In 2007 my life circumstances made me move to Moscow. I was eager to get knowledge in piloting area. Financial crisis came, I had to pause the piloting program and was invited to be S. Mazur’s navigator. We had 2 races together. I got to know many people in that field, and finally started to work with A. Potapov.

I changed machinery from Subaru to Mitsibishi EVO. I started the Ukrainian Championship 2010 and had the 6th result. Now I am going on with my progress path.

To be continued…


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