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So, what is rally?!

I guess, that an exact, literal explanation will be given to you by Wikipedia, and I will share with you my personal interpretation of rally.

When I entered it in 2006, it was not exactly what it is now. By the way, here is the story about my “inaccurate hit” into rally.

It happened in a small restaurant called “Chaikoff”, located in Kiev. We drank coffee with my friend Tatiana and with my dearest friend Dima, who is now late… We met each other due to motorcycles and photography. Sitting together and chatting friendly, we meet Dima’s fellow with whom Dima took part in an amateur rally. Dima was playing a navigator’s role.

The fellow’s name was Konstantin. He told us about his achievements and that he is organizing his first amateur rally race. Tatiana and me were on the spot invited to that race under pretense that we were the only girls, and girls’ team would be mighty. I tried to reject, because I was driving only two months and was an absolute ignoramus in that field – a race was out of the question. His answer was concrete and sharp-cut: “Dolls!!! I will teach you”. Two weeks remained before the start, Tatiana and me were light on our feet and every evening went to the motodrome to implement winding lines under Konstantin’s intent patronage.

That time I was thoroughly involved in all automotosporting movements: streetracing, drag racing and so on.

My good start and high results of the first day drive us to celebrate it madly in clubs with all our race friends – I was only 18, do not be surprised).

When we were back home at dawn, we went straight to bed, whereas we had to get up at 9 AM… Tania was trying to wake me up… And I said to her “Sleep”, while I was in my own sleep. So, it was exactly what she did. When I opened my eyes at 10 AM, I started to shake Tania and shouted: “Get up, get up, we have overslept our start!!!!” I put on my t-shirt on back to front while Tania stayed in her night shift on. We rushed on slalom having a hangover and tried to understand where did we have to go. Guys came up to us and asked what had happened with our clothes. Frankly, we were not hip to that, because we hurried to starting line. In general, we did the race somehow and on the finish line we were told: “Girls, as you did not appear on the start, we have disqualified you already”)))) We were rewarded with pillows, everybody was laughing at us, and from that time I feel as if something stung me and does not set me free.

P.S. I did not oversleep races any more.

So, what is a race for me?!

At first – it is a harmony. When I am in a car, I create a motion, I feel calm and free. I can tell, that auto sport is an art first of all and only after that it is a sport, I believe. People are equal mostly, with similar hands and feet, so why somebody is able to do something and someone is not? One man drives fast, sends you shiver down your spine, and another… Ok, we will skip it.

We create beauty while steering, make motion, show our courage to spectators. We do the results that people, who don’t relate to it, could not believe in. They close their eye before the turn, they are not confident that a car will perform it. But we are racers and we are confident because we feel it, aren’t we?!

Of course, it was not that way for me from the start. Speed is a pressure… You have to get used to it and to your car…

I did it and now I am on the next level. It is something like a game now, do you feel it?! Everything is about it – THERE ARE NO LIMITS TO PERFECTION. There is no limit to speed, there are only our restrictions or awareness like a fear. You have to fight against it and against your diffidence. Please, be sure that it is not only about a rally, that applies to everything, but in a rally such things reveal themselves very fast. We have to fight not against an adversary – no – but against ourselves. We compete with ourselves, with our ambitions, pride, ego. If you overestimate yourself a little, that will cost you a roof, a tree, a wheel. You do not believe… Huh, I do not recommend you to check it. Well, many people have many opinions, I only share my own. This is my site, my races and my views.

We are all individuals and there is an Einstein as a bright example. What I say is that the winner is a person, who gets the better of himself, who is not tempted and who can control his emotions.

And this causes too much trouble. Rally is a physical, psychological and spiritual work. As for me, a race helps me to create myself as an individual, trains my self-discipline and self-control. These discoveries are also a merit of my trainer Alexander Potapov – I can tell that he, so to say, made me. And I am very much obliged to him for that!

There are a lot of ways to go and to drive, and I am ready to go towards new knowledge and abilities, and to share with you everything that happens to me.

And with my feet I cut the path I follow.


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