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Was born on July 17th in Dnepropetrovsk.

Master of sports in autoracing, the owner of a “Capital Cup” 2008, bronze prize winner of “Club Rally Cup” 2006.

Takes part in rally since 2006 year.

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Lithuania .
Takes part in the rally since 2008. 
Medalist and winner of the ATP Tour in 2009, 2010 . 
The face of Solisun - Solisun girls racing team.
Since childhood, Irina grew up in a musical family (his father , pianist, violinist mom ), and played the violin and piano, danced and sang in the children's pop group. Ira has won numerous music competitions in Lithuania. Violin performed in many European countries.Irina , her family and friends were far away from racing and were not interested in them .Ira grew up not far from Vilnius to Trakai , which necessarily visited by tourists . The city is famous for its castles , one of them located on the island.After high school Irina entered in economics at the university . During her studies, she went with a friend to see the rally. But as a spectator rally Ira did not like. For the first time she sat in a sports car in 20 years.After graduation, she was invited to work in the garage, which were prepared and sports cars . Interest in the rally began to grow , and the team invited her to go to the race is not a fan, but to help ( 2008 ) . It was her first "real" race , when she saw a rally from the "inside ."Ira really a gambler, and in 2009, she sat in the navigator's seat in the car Subaru impreza WRX STI, replacing co-driver team. The race was very successful - 2nd place in the Absolute and its class.Irina went with different pilots of different teams . In 2010, she became the winner of the Cup of Lithuania.In 2011, Irina go about their business - a network of car washes in Lithuania and time on site visits as a navigator did not exist. Irina helped with the logistics team , worked at the rally as a team.In late 2011, she began to look at the rally from a professional position - a hobby turned into a professional sport . Irina ill rally ! Its aim is to achieve world-class excellence .That's a violinist and pianist became a navigator in the treacherous , fast , extreme , dangerous , men's sport - rally.


Master of sports in autosport, candidate of pedagogical science.

Was born in Sverdlovsk on 12.07.1974.

“Love to sport and sporty character had been given to me with father’s genes. My Father – Demin Artur Sergeevich – Honoured trainer of Russia in skating, my Mother – Potapova Olga Dmitrievna did calisthenics. From my childhood I felt that I need motion. Of course, parents have noticed it and with a strong assurance of success made me do different sports. At the age of four I tried skating and got to know figure skating elements. At six I started calisthenics and made a big progress in it. At the end of the first school grade I was invited to a volleyball club “Uralochka” as a left-hander, but it was not very comfortable to play with my left hand, and I decided to change volleyball to badminton. After that was a dancing class in Young Pioneers’ club. And when I was eleven already, the track and field athletics section trainer visited my school and offered me to do “The Queen of sports”. In that type of sports I was for a long time – I did it professionally until I was 19 years old. At first, I got to know several disciplines – running, hurdles race, throwing, jumping. I was good at everything, and my nature coordination was noticeable. Once at an internal competition I was the best among all boys and girls in high jumps. After a month I was training in a high jumps section and after half a year I made a record of a sport club “Yunost” among 12-13-year-old kids in high jumps – 145 cm – and it is still valid!

At the age of 18 I realized that will not reach the highest results in an adorable kind of sports, but that was one of my strongest wishes. From my childhood I had a dream to become a master of sports. Firstly I was in “Dinamo” shooting section – I liked it very much, but for that kind of sport I did not have enough motion activity. Then I thought, that it may be the time to realize my old dream: autosport! I remember, that when I was five, I had a great delight when seeing toy construction sets! My Mum was working on a factory and one of her colleagues brought her a nice German toy construction set for me (something like modern LEGO). You could create different models of small cars. I created three variants, also a race track for these small cars and it was a race for me! In 1993 I visited DOSAAF and asked about autosport section – but the answer was negative. Then I started to look for another doors to enter this interesting, fascinating and, at the same time applied, kind of sports. Already in January 1994 I took part in refereeing of the “Kamenniy Poyas” rally and in October started to study in autoschool. After that I periodically was a referee-timekeeper and a secretary at competitions in rallies and bike cross-country races.

In March 1995 I got a driving licence. In June I finished UrGPU, got the higher education diploma and a profession of a “Physical culture teacher”. I had to move to my goal and in that connection Moscow was attracting me very much with its great opportunity and dynamical rhythm of life.

That time there was a good TV show about cars – it was called “Autoshow” with Nikolay Petrov as a presenter. One nice day in July I was watching that show and got to know that “Autosalon 95” is taking place in Moscow on August. I bought a train ticket and went to a capital. At the exhibition I was lucky and got to know interesting people and spoke to them, that communication was fruitful and positive. After a month I was already working at an autosalon “Lada-engineering”. At that exhibition I also filled a questionnaire to take part in “Camel-trophy” selection. I successfully went through the Moscow stage and then, among 32 candidates from all Russia took part in another stage of selection in Dmitrov city and next in 1996 in the same competition in Krasnaya Polyana.

The lucky meeting happened also in 1995 year. I met my future supervisor of studies and autosport coach, professor of RGAFK (Russian State academy of physical education, now it is RGUFKSM&T) Tsygankov Ernest Sergeevich. In August 1996 I entered the postgraduate course of that university. During study I was teaching students and pupils of Children sport school navigation grounding and promoting my own skills. With the help of Ernest Sergeevich, I got a strong theoretical base as a navigator and as a pilot and acquired valuable knowledge, that I use during my sports career.

From the start I knew what discipline I wanted to take – it was a classical rally! But when time passed and long time ago, when I went to a capital and saw circular auto race I understood, that love it as well as rally. From 1997 I started to participate in rally competitions. The first race in my life was called trophy-ride “Ladoga-97” with Igor Kozlov as a pilot! In the same year I was lucky to take part in several competitions of Russian rally championship with a pilot Dmitry Agishev. His father, Agishev Yakov Dmitrievich, a famous sports racer in the past, became my coach and helped me to apply my theoretical knowledge to practice. As a result – the unique experience of applying the rich theory into a practice on a Russian championship level.

In 1998 I had my first foreign trip. It was race in Serbia, the Europe championship. On the “U-Rally” our crew took the 3rd place in class! In 1998-1999 I have participated in different competitions of a Russian championship level. Once at an ice Jeep race in Saint Petersburg I appeared as a pilot! From one start to another I collected experience and in the end of 1998 I made a master of sports qualifying standard! In December 1999 with the help of professor Tsygankov E.S. I defended a thesis on a topic “Systematization of a navigator’s work in automobile rally”. Another dream came true!

From 2005 year I started my trips to Finland and Baltics. That time I worked with team “TAIF with the pilot Radik Shaimiev from Kazan. Thanks to him, I got to know a great coach, a real professional, a repeated champion of USSR in rally and circular race, Jonas Dereskavicus! He helped me to release myself as a navigator of a rally crew and also to increase my level of pilotage of a car and psychological communication in a team. Also that years, when I visited Finnish neighbors, I took lessons of karting to increase a driving level.

In 2010 I worked with a very interesting and perspective pilot from Ekaterinburg – Artyom Malyarov. Together we took four races and every time we improved our result. At a final Cup race “Predgorie of Caucasus” in Goryachiy Klutsch in Krasnodar on 2-3 October 2010 we took the 3rd place and were really happy and our rivals were really surprised. Thereby, we were confident that we are an a right way in a process of preparation for races.

2011 year brought me a very interesting practice. For the first time in my navigator’s career I took part in a competition with a driver, for whom that rally race was the first in his life! This is an ambitious 20-year-old pilot from Ekaterinburg, Sergey Karyakin, who, in common with me conquered a difficult and debut race of Estonia championship Võrumaa Talveralli. After that we participated in a stage of Lithuanian championship. In February we have already assaulted Rally Sweden, World championship stage! As for me, it was a real debut in such a high level of competition. And due to appurtenant colossal efforts of a crew and in a considerable degree of a coach Alexander Dorosinskiy, despite all unfavourable forecasts, we took the 7th place in N class and the 24th place in set-off! Further we had gravel tests participation in Spain before the race in Portugal. Again new experience for a pilot, front-wheel-drive Ford Fiesta, because in WRC Academy program the participation is possible only with this type of cars. Then the race Rally de Portugal, World championship stage. All of us: the pilot, the navigator, the coach, our mechanics and the engineer did our best to finish that most difficult race in an appropriate manner. That time our crew had the 6th place in set-off. But with 20 kilometers before the finish of a special part of the road we had technical problems and had to leave the race. Nevertheless, we got the richest experience in a highest level competition!

My further performances in 2011 were connected with an Ukrainian pilotess Inessa Tushkanova. Our meeting took place in 2009 during one race near Odessa, where I was performing with Alexey Tamrazov. That time already we were discussing the idea of creating a woman crew. Later we had some phone conversations about it, but the idea was realized only after two years. And the co-operation appeared to be fruitful! Frankly speaking, that is my first experience of being a navigator of a woman driver. Before that I was dealing only with men drivers! In Inessa’s qualification I was confident from the start, because I knew about her lessons with my prominent namesake Alexandr Potapov. It was surprising, that we had a nice communication with Inessa very fast. Psychological part of a crew’s co-operation is a stumbling block in many teams – but we were successful in it! The result of this co-operation was fast to appear. At the second race in July Rally Latgale 2011 in Lithuanian set-off in N class we got – as a surprise for many opponents – the honorary third place!

In October 2011 me and Inessa took part in my first circular race “100 laps Tushino ring” in Moscow as a pilot. We were one crew and changed while driving Mitjet. I am eager to start new race season, because I love my profession very much and do my best to improve my skills and knowledge and I get a great pleasure while moving to the goal!”


Master of sports in international class, bronze prize owner of Russian Championship, vice champion of Estonia.

Was born on 16th March 1977.

At the age of five it was the first time he saw auto racing , it was USSR championship in track race on the Moscow racecourse. That time, in the middle and in the end of 80-s in Moscow and near it a rally was popular – both an amateur and professional as Moscow region championship, that he visited with his father, who was a referee on such championships. The time passed and he started to understand what is rally – a sport, a philosophy, a lifestyle for someone. By the age of 16 he was an experienced referee, and was working on stages of country’s rally stages.

After that he started to try himself in driving – karting, rally, sprints, winter track, amateur rally. After finishing a University, he worked in “Sputnik” sport club with a famous Russian navigator Evgeny Zhivoglazov, was organizing and holding autosport competitions. Tried himself several times as a navigator and liked it… Started on country’s Championship stages, the Cup and the club rally Cup, but that was without system, just for entertaining. In 2006 he took an offer from E-ART team and won a contest for a second pilot role to the crew of 15-year-old Evgeny Novikov. That was the start of his way to big autosport.

Took part in stages of the World, Estonia, Russia championships and Russian rally Cup. Also worked with famous Russian pilots of different years – Mikhail Lepekhov and Boris Zimin.

In 2008 he was performing with Evgeny Novikov and was invited to take a post of E-ART team director, and that way he made his sphere of interest in autosport wider. Dmitry was working there until closing of a team because of Evgeny’s transfer to semi-factory team Citroen Junior WRC.


Was born on 1st September 1984 in Kiev.

Master of sports in auto racing.

Owner of a “Capital Cup” 2008. Bronze prize owner of “Club rally Cup” 2006.

A stroke of luck and a coincidence brought Tatiana to the meeting with Inessa Tushkanova. Tatiana is in rally sport from 2006 year. The first car in amateur rally is Daewoo Sense.

After a year in an amateur rally, Inessa buys blue Subaru STI and invites Tatiana to be a navigator. Thereby, in Kamyanets-Podolsky the woman crew started for the first time on Ukrainian rally championship in N4 group.


Triple Absolute champion of Russia in Rally. Champion of Russia in circular races. Prize owner of stages of Europe championships in rally. Master of sports of USSR of international class.

Alexander built his first sport car – buggy – when he was studying in Moscow automechanical university (MAMI). After the University he was directed to sport bureau AZLK. He was working there during 20 years. According to his work record cards it is impossible to tell his real profession. All that time he was doing two things on the whole – was preparing a sport technics and was performing with it on different competitions.


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