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My civil cars, combat material


Subaru Impreza WRX STI sport wagon

This is my first serious car. The most desired and the most beloved – my soul. This car has spent most of its life in boxes, where had been remodeled and finished without remorse. Its styling or mechanics had permanently been put on or removed. Now this car has turned to a suitcase without a handle – it is hard to lug and impossible to throw it out. It can be seen on the photo that it has silver color and no stickers, after that it has become white and is awaiting the team coloring, well, it already has coloring, but still waits for stickers.

Its history. This is my friend’s car. I got to know with it long before I got my driving license. My friend showed me its photographs on the Internet, and that is how I met it. That time I was working in Japan and he promised me to let me drive it when I return home. He has let. That was amazing, I fell in love with the first sight. Several years passed and my friend decided to sell it – I was the first in a queue. I did not have enough money, so I had to take a credit, but it was not the last obstacle, the purchase was really a war. I was not the unique person who wanted to buy it and the owner had to make a final decision. The circumstances affected the situation and finally I bought it!

It was a great happiness. This car has a soul, it is almost alive – approximately half a year it was suffering the loss of a previous owner and spoiled my pleasure. It has battle brains AUTRONIC, and periodically they were spiteful – I could not start up an engine. The car was serviced by a rally team AT-RALLY with the fallen A.Alexandrov. Owing to that car, stories about it and my adventures with its breakdowns I have become a racer.


Mitsubishi Lancer Evo RS 8 MR

A car was bought for training and for route acquaintance for rally. Came from Pro Sport atelier with A. Zhigunov’s protection. When we bought the car, it had only 8000 km of mileage, but it is still looks like new, although the mileage is already 17000 km. It is actually not an ordinary “Evolution”, it has a very good program inside, eats the 100th  gasoline, goes cheerfully. It also has the “eighth” bumpers and new headlights. The brakes were changed for gravel – one piston, very weak. But there is a good suspension TEIN. I still can not decide what is better – Tein or Öhlins. The gearbox has 5 stages, I change it for 6 stages if anyone wants – for my business 5 stages is not enough.

According to the data base:
Engine: 2.0 (300 horsepowers)
Production year: 2007

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX is being produced since 2005 year.


Mitsubishi Lancer Evo MR

Engine: Mitsubishi 4G63T MIVEC (326bhp)
Engine volume: 1997 cm3
Power: 326 horsepowers with 6700 revolutions per minute
Torsion torque: 415Nm with 4300 revolutions per minute
Gearbox: 6 stages
Acceleration: 0-100 km/h: 4,5 seconds
Maximum speed: 253 km/h

A car of a famous racer, the founder of ALM team M. Lepekhov. It was bought for route acquaintance. It has passed 14000 kilometers and from that time it is mine. This car has a sporty destination and is being used mainly for training, I rarely drive it in the city. Its potential has to be saved for forest… It has a light body tuning, not an aggressive one, but it is very beautiful and individual – like a malicious squirrel… The technical tuning – turbo timer and Rally Art block system. This is a super car – very undemanding in driving and very interesting.



A car of civilian destination, which brings happiness to me during grey months of low season. An ordinary M6 with the most beautiful interior, I believe. The thing is, that I hate wood in interior and the decision was in black leather, alcantara and piano lacquer – the most harmonious of all possibilities. The only tuning was the same lacquer coating of two wheel rays. The result is really stylish.  Frankly speaking, I was thinking about Hamann tuning or something like – wheels and so on. I was deciding to afresh the whole its body into white. But! Thanks to my favorite rally that sucks all my money. So the car goes without tuning  and restictor – there is no need in it, and I like its modest exterior – the car is an expensive one and doesn’t need to stand out against a background.



I was dreaming about the fastest BMW’s crossover a lot of time. But the price-quality ratio was confusing me, though. As a six-year M-series owner I was in love with the sound, the character and the workmanship. All that things have met in my brand new dream car, but not without the exceptions. Loads of plastic panels and the flaws are striking: curve lines on the dashboard, many visible wires inside and that annoying sound when closing the lid. Also, the interior was as simplified, as possible – like only man-oriented! But not every man will like it. There is no alcantara on the ceiling which was the usual M-series option. Now that small but pleasant detail is on the request only. The display illumination looks especially pathetic at nighttime.

So, the technical part: the transmission has only 6 gears and the speed limit is 155 mph. But you can raise it to 167 mph for EUR 3000. Why aren’t the brake disks perforated?! Of course, you can call it cavils, but they were sweet. Ohh, whatever…

Here it comes the good part. This is a “clever” vehicle. I always name it that way, when driving it! The headlight sensors switch on and off the headlight when needed. Adaptive light helps a lot and keyless entry is a good thing, too. You can close the car by only touching the door handle. With APPS function you are able to write CD’s, listen your tracks from flash cards and access the Internet. BMW Connect installed on your Iphone provides you all the info about your car, even if it’s parked in garage. You would know, where to find it, if someone carjacked it 🙂

Well, the X6M can hardly be named as a jeep because of it’s bad behavior off-road. Firstly, because of runflat tires and stiff suspension developed for plane European roads. They are alike here in Moscow, so X6M is very popular.

It is very stable cornering as well as fast and maneuverable. I have never seen a car so big and so well-controlled. That’s why I’ll call it the best in class!


Обо мне

Я — девушка с необычной профессией гонщицы. В большей степени — это альтруизм, но не моя в этом вина. Надеюсь, когда-нибудь в наших странах будут ценить автоспорт, хотя бы как хоккей, не говоря уже о футболе. А пока я занимаюсь любимым делом и хочу в этом прогрессировать.